Married The Same Person…Twice

What goes into marrying the same person twice? Best of times, worst of times?

Daily challenges in human relationships that cause one to separate and divorce are hard to overcome. so what made our interviewee marry, divorce and then remarry the same person? Was it the length of time they shared together? Was it love?

We listened and learn it was addictions the caused the break up. Addictions are usually chemical dependencies that rob the person addicted to clear thought patterns. In fact, people abandon everything to chase the euphoria, the feeling of intense happiness or excitement, just to keep up with the addiction. Hence the question, ‘Did the divorced spouse so love and miss their mate, that they were able to kick an addiction?’

What Was Said

The interview highlights the complexity of human relationships. When the relationship was new, even ten years in, all seemed fine. Daily struggles were being overcome. Eleven children were brought to this relationship. Not to mention friends and family that may have asked themselves, Why?

According to the interviewee, the future was bright. However, life got in the way. As things change around us, we seem to change. That is often seen when the seasons go from winter, spring, summer and fall. Peoples moods and outlooks change. At least for some. Is it that way for persons prone to addictions? Is this change that takes place around us and effects us, the reason why a person could and did marry, divorce and remarry the same person?

Listen to the interview and judge for yourself, Married-the-Same-Person—Twice-interview-by-Saundra-Woods-edrg0h