Married The Same Person…Twice

What goes into marrying the same person twice? Best of times, worst of times?

Daily challenges in human relationships that cause one to separate and divorce are hard to overcome. so what made our interviewee marry, divorce and then remarry the same person? Was it the length of time they shared together? Was it love?

We listened and learn it was addictions the caused the break up. Addictions are usually chemical dependencies that rob the person addicted to clear thought patterns. In fact, people abandon everything to chase the euphoria, the feeling of intense happiness or excitement, just to keep up with the addiction. Hence the question, ‘Did the divorced spouse so love and miss their mate, that they were able to kick an addiction?’

What Was Said

The interview highlights the complexity of human relationships. When the relationship was new, even ten years in, all seemed fine. Daily struggles were being overcome. Eleven children were brought to this relationship. Not to mention friends and family that may have asked themselves, Why?

According to the interviewee, the future was bright. However, life got in the way. As things change around us, we seem to change. That is often seen when the seasons go from winter, spring, summer and fall. Peoples moods and outlooks change. At least for some. Is it that way for persons prone to addictions? Is this change that takes place around us and effects us, the reason why a person could and did marry, divorce and remarry the same person?

Listen to the interview and judge for yourself, Married-the-Same-Person—Twice-interview-by-Saundra-Woods-edrg0h

The Death of a Spouse

In the United States, 2*-3 million people die each year from all causes. That is also about how many people get married each year, with nearly 750,000 getting divorced.

Both events separate couples from spouses. The question becomes are there emotional and social similarities?

There was and interview of a widow, who, not by choice, her choice would have been to continue married, stated that she realized that death ended her marriage. The question she pondered was ‘Does a divorce do the same?’

Most assuredly it does end the marriage, however, there is one fundamental difference. Divorced people can, and often times do, maintain a civil, if not friendly relationship. The death of a spouse ends everything.

How are Emotions Similar?

Each event carries the felling of great loss. And, depending on how the spouse died, there could be a feeling of relief. Maybe at death the person is relieved that their mate is no longer suffering or sick. When divorced, relief may come as a result of the spouse no longer being there to abuse or have daily contact.


I don’t know! Do people, rather, does the community accept widows and widowers more than divorcees? It seems to be a question of what community you live in.

For instance; in most religious communities being divorced might be viewed as a sign of failure. Knowing that fellow believers could feel that way, can add to the emotional and social stress. On the other hand, widows and widowers usually receive social considerations, meals, invites etc. At least immediately after the loss of a Spouse.

Subsequently, divorcee’s have various support groups that seem to provide some sort of social outlet and acceptance.

Hmm! Judge for yourself. The podcast is active now;

*CDC National Center for Health Statistics 2017

Divorce Talk Live-The Beginning

This is the beginning of post about People affected by Divorce. Stories that will be so uplifting, that your worries will pale into insignificance. On the other hand, accounts so shocking, you will wonder how anyone got through it to even share their Story.

All the same, you are invited, yes, encouraged to share your story with those who listen to Divorce Talk Live the podcast( Perhaps, even being interviewed and featured. Or, maybe by lending us your thoughts in this Blog as an observation of someone else’s experience.

HARD CORE FACTS– source: CDC/NCHS National Vital Statistics System

In the year 2018 there were 2,132,853 marriages in the United States. During that same year there were 782,038 divorces and annulments.

What does that mean for those these things happened too? What will it mean for the rest of us?

Each of us probably know someone that is divorced or that is in the process of getting a divorce. Truthfully, we may know someone whose marriage experience was so bad, that they will never try to marry again. Is that someone you? Then again, maybe the divorce we witnessed was that of our parents or grandparents, and because of that we are running fast away from the marital relationship.

How do you feel about marriage, divorce, paying alimony or child support? What about the court system that is charged with enforcing divorce orders? What effect does this process have on the Judges, Lawyers and others that handle these cases on a daily basis? The podcast and this blog will give these questions and more fair consideration. But, not because we are the experts. Rather, because you are willing to share your story.